WOODCRUX is a brand that essentially champions products made out of wood, because we believe that wood is a highly underrated material, that is renewable, recyclable, and the very same time resplendent. We realised that wooden teethers and montessori toys are the need of the hour, because the market is flooded with cheap plastic teethers which may contain BPA & Phthalate that are dangerously harmful for our children. Wood, on the other hand, is completely organic and non-toxic because it is finished with natural beewax. Keeping this in mind, we decided to offer our products in natural wood finish. We assure  you, that they are never painted with artificial synthetic substances.

About us

Woodcrux is founded by Architect Ashish Mehta, and is born out his love and passion for wood. He has been practising architecture and interior designing since 1992. He holds bachlors degree in architecture form M.S.University, Baroda, Gujarat, India. You may visit his firm Ashish Mehta Architects at https://amarchitects.in